I have always been intrigued with faces. . . real or created. I started doodling them as far back as I can remember. And not just faces but flowers, leaves, swirls, squiggles and letters as well. I never really thought my doodles were anything other than mindless scribbling as a means to keep myself occupied during classes, then meetings and lectures as I got older.

I never dreamed that someday I could actually call my scrap paper scribbles, art. . until I spent a day with Traci Baustia. She convinced me to just let go, that it was ok. . . So here I am on yet another journey. . artFace, a blog and a line of goodies created to celebrate all things face.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

29 Faces - day 23

Called 'Looking for Stumpy'

Many of us participating are already worried about
and/or experiencing withdrawals...
the challenge ends in just a few days.
Here's the link to Ayala Art. This project is her baby:http://ilove2paint.blogspot.com/

Here's the link to the list of participating artists:

This link will take to to my textilerecycler blog for more detailed info about this project & my creative and spiritual journey: http://textilerecycler.blogspot.com/

Note: Please be respectful of my images, which are all originals.

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  1. this face reminds me of vampires....heeheehee... or someone/situation that just SUCKS all of your energy and life from you... there is just no pleasing this ONE!